The Edit “Fashion For A Purpose”

Turban Thinker’s The Edit is a selection of carefully curated collections from some of our favorite brands that we have met and loved over the years, and those that we have recently met.  The common theme for all of them is that they have a purpose. The purpose to make a difference, whether it’s about protecting the environment through socially responsible and ethical sourcing, or preserving the crafts of hundreds of years old artisanal skills or making a social and emotional impact on peoples lives, by making them feel better. The importance is that each piece is made with love and with passion, and the desire to make a difference.

The fashion and retail industries today are very different from the past decades. The rise of mass consumption, unemotional purchasing and the lack of customer engagement and experience, all compounded  by the power of social media creating the desire to want things that we do not necessarily need, but feel compelled to own. These pieces that find a home in our wardrobe, more often than not stay there and are forgotten, as we move on to the next purchase.  How many of us are guilty of purchasing something, and then purchasing almost the same thing months later because we forgot we even have it.

Turban Thinker has championed and has been an ambassador for social responsibility for almost 18 years, working with artisans from around the world, relentlessly and passionately advocating for their respect and dignity. However, frustratingly, this message seems to be drowned out by the noise of mass consumption and the ‘more is more’ mentality.

Fast forward, 2020. We are now in a place that after years of watching this evolution, we can see some changes. The pandemic has allowed everyone, and I mean everyone, to reflect, reset and refocus on what is relevant, authentic and should always have been a priority.  People, consumers, all of us are questioning why we need these things, where are they being made and who are they being made by.  Finally, the dial is moving, especially now the consumer is demanding these answers.  The mega brands that own the industry can no longer ignore the consistent questions and now the table has turned and will continue to turn.

The objective of The Edit is not to be an e-commerce site that sells thousands of products. The objective is to bring to your doorstep some of the amazing brands and designers that are out there that we have personal relationships with. The brands that despite the challenges are still trying and making a difference. The brands that think before they make, the brands and the individuals behind them that inspire us with every single piece designed. The idea is that we showcase them to you in a 360∞ manner, allowing you to engage with them, to watch their stories, listen to their journey and read about their passions. Ultimately allow you  to take a piece of them away with you, as you shop their vision, knowing that you now own something so special and in turn enabling them, with you, to make a difference.  That is why The Edit, is Fashion with a Purpose.


Inked – The Magazine

Turban Thinker – INKED is our Magazine, or is it? Now you’re probably wondering what we’re talking about, it‘s obviously a magazine, but we’re not talking about the official description, we are talking about the content.

First let’s talk about the name, why INKED? Well it’s like when you say, “has the agreement been inked?” meaning, is it finalized and committed to ink.  Well that’s what we want to say, we are committed, we are committed to inspiring you, sharing stories, writing features that are relevant and stand for something, features that continually inspire, motivate and empower you.  We aren’t just a fashion editorial per-se, only talking about present day topics or the runway, the fashion seasons or endless pages on brands. No, we are Retro & Relevant, we go back into the past to talk about the present, we respect history and talk about the major movements in the fashion industry across the decades that have contributed to where we are today.

The challenges, changes, voices of both the men and women of yesteryear that took strides and risks to bring us to where we are today.  We at INKED love all things retro, all things vintage, all things that have a story, personality, vision, mission, the past and the future changemakers.

These are the stories that you will read with us, because our objective is to ink all of this, so that the younger generation have a reference point that is relatable, educational, and exciting.  We talk about the movements that will never be experienced again or relived, like the 20’s through to the incredible 80’s, who can forget the incredible 80’s.

This is our reference point, that’s what we are about, celebrating our past to understand the present and how it will in turn shape our future.

If you have a story to tell and want to write a feature for INKED, we would love to hear from you, write to us at and maybe you will get to ink your thoughts and make a commitment too.