I Am The Turban Thinker

Hi everyone, and welcome to Turban Thinker. For those of you who have been listening to my podcasts, you can probably hear my familiar intro as you read this. For you, and anyone who hasn’t listened, I wanted to introduce you to Turban Thinker, the person behind it, the vision and definitely the mission.

So, let’s start by telling you who I am. My name is Asil Attar and I have been in the business of fashion and retail for almost 30 years.  I am a hybrid; part commercial, part creative. Half of my career has been in the creative side of the business of fashion, and I have spent the second half as a senior executive and CEO.

Through a tremendous amount of hard work, passion, and determination, I have built a career in one of the most exciting and challenging industries in the world. I have experienced many setbacks and so much learning. Throughout my journey, I have built a reputation based on my strong belief and the values that have shaped me to be the person I am today. Most importantly, I have a personal mission, which is to make a difference and leave a legacy through creating social impact.


When people first meet me and many times thereafter, they assume that I am social, vocal, available, but in fact, I am an introvert/extrovert, incredibly private, a nomad and totally the opposite of social. I have understood over the many years, and believe me it has taken me many years to recognize it, that I have one specific gift and that is the ability to emotionally engage with everyone around me, let’s call it a heightened sense of emotional intelligence.

This has allowed me to make transformational changes to the organizations that I have led and the thousands of individuals that I have met. In recognizing that I was blessed with this, I wanted to affect as much positive change as I possibly could. I was repeatedly told, how can you affect change if you are such an introvert and the answer is, I could not. Therefore, I created Turban Thinker, my alter ego; the extrovert.

Turban Thinker is also a socially integrated platform centred around the last 28 years of my journey in the business of fashion, art, creatives industries, sustainability & lifestyle.

I have met some of the most inspiring creatives, artists, designers, industry shapers and businessmen and women from around the globe, and I wanted to share as much of that experience with as many people. Interviewing these incredible change agents from around the world, sharing their stories with the main objective of the show to “INSPIRE MOTIVATE & EMPOWER” others to follow their ambitions and dreams, being the best version of themselves.

I am far from a typical talk show host, content writer or opinion setter. I focus on the moments that have shaped my guest’s lives, challenging them to go back in time, emphasizing on their valuable experiences that helped shape them to become the people they are today.

I also recognized that over the last 10 years, with the rise of social media and the pressures on the younger generation, there is an increasing disconnect to reality. They are following what they think are real lives and real stories, but in fact more often than not, these were fake lives and endorsed brand stories.  It became even more of a mission to bridge this gap, to showcase the real influencers, the real empowered individuals who have built incredible careers, lived inspiring lives, achieved their dreams through hard work, experience, successes and failures, these are the real influencers, these are the social ambassadors.

Asil Attar

Why Turban Thinker?

I have often been asked if I have more than one head under my turban, because of the insane speed in which I think & work. Well I can tell you there are at least seven all working simultaneously under my turban, hence, I am the TURBAN THINKER.